How I Back up Everything I Own for Just $5 per Month

A few weeks ago a photographer friend messaged me on Facebook, frazzled and freaking out. "My hard drive just crashed, all of my work for the past three years was on there."

Imagine if that were to happen to you. Years of your hard work, wiped out. Gone. Vanished.

Here's the thing, most of us have probably imagined that scenario before. "That would really suck, I hope that never happens to me," we think to ourselves. But hope isn't enough. Hard drives fail, and more often than you think. It's not a matter of "if", but "when."

Admittedly, for the longest time I put off researching a good backup solution. But the more shoots I do and the more work I create, the more devastating it would be if I were to lose everything.

Here's my backup strategy now:

I keep all of my work on an external hard drive. Then, I back up that external hard drive on another external hard drive using a program called Carbon Copy Cloner.

Now, I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but I don't stop there. I also back up my second external hard drive on a third external hard drive. Having a third one probably isn't necessary, but it makes me feel better that I have that extra layer of security.

But keeping your files on physical drives isn't enough. Since we can safely assume that all physical drives will eventually fail, you'll want to back up your images and files on a different medium too. That's where cloud services come in.

The service I use is called Backblaze (affiliate link). It's $5 a month, which is insanely affordable. What's even more impressive is that you can back up unlimited files. There's no file size limit. That means you can back up however many external hard drives you have for just $5 a month.

My files are everything to me. I feel safe and secure knowing that I can recover everything if something ever happens to my physical drives. If you aren't already using a cloud backup solution, definitely consider giving Backblaze a try.

Kevin Kleitches