Recently I’ve been inspired to change up my shooting and color grading style. As artists, it’s easy to fall into a routine with your workflow, especially if the results you produce are well-received.

While I love my “normal” style of portraiture, I was starting to grow bored of being so “safe” and sterile with my work. I felt it didn’t provoke much of a reaction or send any kind of message. My aim with this series was to push myself creatively. To be bolder with my composition, the model’s expressions, and (for me) an unorthodox color palette.

I won’t pretend that I had a specific message in mind when shooting these portraits — I simply wanted to break out of my norm and offer something different. I’m so happy with how these images turned out. Looking at them now, I see a Wes Anderson inspired style that I’m excited to explore further in future shoots. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.