Below you'll find a list of resources that have been invaluable to my business. (Please note that this page contains affiliate links.)

I've used 17hats for two years now, and they've been amazing for my studio workflow. I keep track of all my clients, projects, contracts, and invoices through this software. You can sync it with your calendar so that scheduled shoots are automatically added. There's also a bookkeeping feature that lets you keep track of all your income and expenses. 17hats has been absolutely critical to my business operations. Their monthly plan is $37/month, but you can choose to pay annually and save $245 a year. Definitely give their 17-day free trial a go

When I was first starting out with my photography business, I'd deliver my files either by email or using Google Drive. But I quickly realized the limitations of both of those mediums. Email has a size limit that you're able to send with each message, and Google Drive just isn't aesthetically pleasing at all. Surely there was a way I could upload my clients' images into a beautiful gallery that matched the level of intentionality and effort I put into creating the images themselves.

Turns out, there is -- Pixieset

Pixieset not only offers beautiful galleries, but it also offers your clients an easy way to select favorites, share on social media, and even order prints directly from the gallery itself. Their basic plan (up to 3gb of storage) is FREE for life, although you'll most likely need to upgrade pretty quickly. But not to worry, their premium plans are super affordable. I'm currently paying $20/month for 20gb of storage and it's serving me well.

Give Pixieset a try, you're going to love it.

You know what's scary? Most photographers I know aren't backing up their photographs. This is especially irresponsible if you have clients. What would you do if your hard drive were to crash tomorrow? Would you have safe guards in place?

Backblaze gives you unlimited backups for just $5/month. Seriously, you cannot beat that price. In addition to cloning my external hard drives (using a program called Carbon Copy Cloner, I use Backblaze to back everything I have up to the cloud. I have total peace of mind that my files are backed up if I ever need to access them.

I wrote a blog post about this topic that hopefully you'll find helpful. 

Keep track of all of your mileage for huge deductions at the end of the year. Did you know that you get 53.5 cents per mile for every business mile you drive? Logging your mileage is an absolute breeze with this app. It automatically deducts every time you drive and you either swipe left for personal and right for business. That's it! Sign up with my link and get 20% off the app.